5 reasons why you get a place of your own

Before we delve into what we’re gisting about today, let me thank you guys for the amazing feedback on last week’s post. You make this writing thing worth it♥️. To those who filled the forms, thank you 🙏🏼 , I have noted your feedback and we’re working on them. For now, we’d be posting here every Tuesday 💃🏻💃🏻. So yeah, tick it in your calendars, Tuesday is the new Elysia day😁.

Today, I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should leave your parent’s abi whoever’s house and get yourself a place. It was one of the best decisions I made this year.

  1. Freedom!

Don’t try to lecture me on the downside of freedom first, my dears, freedom is bliss if you can manage it well. There’s peace of mind on a whole new level when you’re actually living in your own space, no matter how small. There’s no one to police you around🌚, check the time you leave the house and when you get back, ask who you’ve been with, know whether you eat or you don’t, and everything in between.

I know you’d say it is important to be accountable but guys, it is even more important to learn to be accountable to yourself first, and this is what living alone teaches you. You’re actually free to do whatever it is you want to do, it is then left to you to choose to do what is good and right for you and when you learn this art, that is growth. As I type this blog post, I haven’t brushed my teeth, haven’t eaten, I’m still in bed with my work laptop, working, I haven’t seen any human today and I’m not thinking of seeing anyone. It would have been a different story if I was living with someone.

I’d probably have woken up earlier, had to make breakfast even if I didn’t want to eat, maybe be even forced to eat😂, have people in my face, be judged for not having my bath early and all of that. But right now, no one cares, except me, so I’m living on my own terms🙃☺️. I know when you start building a family, you may have to do all these things, but for now abeg, enjoy this freedom when you can, you just may never have the opportunity again🌚.

2. Privacy

This is actually tied to my first point. I live in a rather small space but I absolutely love the privacy that comes with it. You wear clothes when you want to, and go naked when you don’t feel like it, you can pray aloud, sing aloud without disturbing anyone, you can choose to sleep early, wake up late or vice versa. Behind your closed doors and dropped curtain, you soak up in personal time and you tend to love every bit of the time you spend alone. I’m not an introvert, heck, I’m not even close to being one, but a part of me loves my privacy and I guess every human loves a level of privacy and this is another reason you should consider living alone, at least once in your lifetime.

3. Self-discovery

Living alone helps you discover yourself and make necessary adjustments to be a better person. Sometimes, when we live with people, they help us mask our inadequacies and bad habits and we don’t see that we actually need help. I know that God designed humans to live together and help one another, but believe me, we’re better together if we’re good individually. That’s the truth. You’re less likely to be a burden to another person when you’ve mastered yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. For me, since I started living alone, I’ve noticed a couple of habits I have prayerfully worked upon. These habits weren’t obvious when I lived with my parents and other family members. First, I don’t put my plate away immediately I finish eating. As insignificant as this sounds, it’s a really bad habit. Because I either read a book, watch movies or press my phone while eating, I get carried away and sometimes, I leave my plate at the spot I ate till the next day🤦🏼‍♀️. I had to consciously pray and decide to get up immediately after a meal, put my plate away, wash it and clean up before getting back to whatever it is I was doing. I still don’t do this all the time, but I’m better.

Living alone helps with self-discovery. You pick your bad habits and deal with them. You learn to be a good person, by yourself and for yourself. You understand yourself and get to know what works for you. This even makes more sense when you’ve lived with others in the past, you are able to compare and contrast what you’re like with others and when you’re by yourself. When you put both lessons together, you’re a better and well-rounded individual.

4. Growth and independence

Like every phase of life, the phase of living alone helps you grow. The best times I’ve had this year have been the times spent in my small space dealing with myself. You get to pay your bills- growth, you stop living off others, to a large extent- growth, make decisions on your own- growth, become emotionally independent- growth, manage your time and money- growth, deal with tradesmen(carpenters, plumbers, electricians)- growth, you even become your own carpenter and plumber and electrician at some point😂- growth. All of these things shape you one way or the other and somehow, you become your own boss and answer to yourself and that guys, is growth.

5. Your bathroom is all yours 🌚

okay this is supposed to be on a lighter note sha😂. One of the major issues I have with living with others is having to share a toilet and a bath😩. I struggled through boarding house, University and even Law school. See ehn, no matter how neat the people you share a toilet and bath with are, you’d just feel they’re not neat enough. It’s psychological. I spend plenty of time in the loo like some of you🌚, so I love it clean so that I don’t have to cringe. Living alone affords you that opportunity 😁. It’s kuku I and I alone using my toilet and bathroom so I clean it often and well and I don’t have to bother about someone else messing it up or distributing some infections I didn’t bargain for. This alone is bliss☺️☺️.

I know now I have made you desire to have your own place but just before you jump out and start looking for a place to rent, especially in this Lagos, you would have to read two more blogposts- the one for next week and the week after. Next week, I’d tell you 5 reasons you should never live alone😭 and the week after, I’d tell you about my sufferings in the hands of agents and landlords in Lagos😩. When you’ve read all three of these posts, you can then make your decision 😁😁😁. Until then, please live with your parents or whoever you’re living with abeg😊.

Do you live alone or have you ever lived alone? What is the best part of living alone for you? If you have never lived alone, what do you look forward to about living alone? Tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to get love letters from me.😊

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 7:07 am

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