Seven Questions you should ask a prospective spouse!

Some people clicked so fast to see what a single twenty-something year old girl has to say about relationships but oh well😆, you may have to keep scrolling to find out

So innocent me was scrolling through Instagram sometimes last week and I saw a conversation someone posted. A few other people reposted this conversation and it showed that many people could relate with one or two things listed there

The poster gave a list of super relatable things you should discuss with your partner before you get married. Some overzealous marriage counsellors, as you would expect, felt that the list was trivial and that marriage is more than that yenyenyen😒 We know but sometimes I’ve also heard from a few people that these things could be issues. So at least ask and get your mind prepared😊

I’m going to mention a few that I found totally relatable. So ride with me😁

1. Onions in meals or not

If I meet a potential partner, you can bet this is the second question I will ask him. This is dear to my soul. I don’t want to have to live with a onion lover all my life😩.(my mum is one, and I’ve lived with her quarter of my life already 😂)  . My problem isn’t with the onions exactly, it’s with seeing them dangle all over the plate like worms😡. Can we grind it with the pepper and whatever and still get the desired result? Yes please!

I even have friends who like their onions in ring forms 😩. How do y’all even do it! Please be sure to ask your partner! I can show love by serving my food, then adding raw onions to his😒. Mi o le je alubosa*

2. Doing ’cruu cruuu’ when brushing

Who knows that deep sound some of us make when we brush😂! I still need someone to tell me the logic behind that thing tori I don’t understand! What are you cruuing and what is cruuing you. You will need to ask your partner if he or she is a ‘cruuuuer’

3. Lights on or off

I always had a clash with my sis on this one before she got married😂. I am a child of the light and I get really scared when I’m in a dark place so I prefer to sleep in a well lit room(as long as there’s power) Most of my life, I’ve had to live with people who loved the lights off but somehow, we get around it

I had to reach a compromise with my sister to switch off the middle bulb(the brightest) and leave the side bulbs on but a totally dark room when there’s power is a no no for me😊

Fellow Children Of the light, let me see y’all in the comment section 😁

4. Having your bath in the night or not

This thing is a struggle tbvh😞. Sometimes I intend to baff night baff and I just find myself dozing off, some nights, I baff in my head and I don’t baff in the physical, other nights I actually baff😊. Some people never miss their night baths and some never have their night baths, whatever rocks your boat😊. But they usually say it’s best to have a night bath, wash off the daily sweat and just relax but I know when I start working, the times I won’t be in the abroad,  I’ll be moving from AC office to AC car to AC house so your girl won’t drop a drop of sweat😂 (no pun intended). You may want to ask your partner about this too

5. Dodo: Dry or Soggy

For me, it depends on what I’m having the dodo with. For beans, soggy dodo please! There’s something it does to the taste buds😍😍😩👅. For everything else, dry overripe plantain it is! If you have a fellow dodo lover as a partner, you may want to ask how they love their dodo😊

6. Toothpaste pressed from bottom or middle

Please and please, if you press my toothpaste from the middle, a ma ni problem*😡

Like how am I supposed to brush my teeth every morning looking at a deformed toothpaste tube😩! Just press the innocent thing from the bottom! It won’t hurt!

I’m not the most orderly person out there but with toothpaste, I am!  But I think this is the easiest to solve tho! Just have different toothpaste tubes and everyone is happy😁

How do you press your own toothpaste 🙄

7. Rinsing off soap from the bathroom wall

I once lived with someone who had an issue with this. It was a common bathroom for a number of people and she would always complain when it was her turn to use the bathroom. She would use about two bowls of water to rinse off the walls first😂. I never really even thought this was an issue but apparently some people are particular about clean walls! Ask your partner😁, so they don’t have to rinse off after you when you’re married

So while it’s important to discuss important issues like faith, purpose, number of children, where to settle, jobs, finance and all, some of these issues should also be discussed (coming from a single marriage counsellor 😂😂)

But for real tho, you may end up laughing it out with your partner but at least, you won’t be caught unawares and you would reach compromises too and everyone is half satisfied 😊

And yes! The list is endless so kindly add yours in the comment section 😁

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 7:12 am

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