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The game you have all been waiting for his here, the Tennis 3D download link is now available here on our site for you to download. The Tennis 3D download link is a very easy process in downloading this game because it will not stress you or waste your time unnecessarily all you have to do is click the game link below at the end of the review which lead you to where you will download the game and start playing. This offline-based game tells about Tennis sport, here we will become a professional Tennis athlete, and will follow all kinds of tournaments to make us the best athlete Tennis in the world, in this game we can play it in 2 game modes that is WORLD TOUR mode and QUICK PLAY, but if we want to make the athlete we use to be the best we have to play it in world tour mode, because in this mode we will follow the tournament and will be dealing with tennis players around the world and prove who is the best.

If you have downloaded this TENNIS 3D game in your own Google Play or PlayStore app just run this game to start playing the game, first before you enter the main display in this game before you choose to choose the gender that you will use in playing this game you can choose the MALE gender for male athletes or FEMALE for female athletes, you can choose whichever you want, here because I am male sex then I will choose male gender.

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After you select the gender you want to play this game just go into the main view in this game as shown in the picture above there are 2 game modes that you can play here is WORLD TOUR and QUICK PLAY mode, if you want play this game by following a tournament so you have to play this game in WORLD TOUR mode whereas if you just want an ordinary game you can use the mode QUICK PLAY, here also on some support menus in this game that is menu SETTING, STORE, RATE , SETTING menu you can use to manage all your needs in this game so as to make you become more comfortable in playing this game, while the STORE menu you can use to buy all the equipment you use in the game here you can buy clothes, pants, rackets , hats and other accessories you can buy the goods with the money you play match later

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After you have understood the function of the menu menu we just enter the WORLD TOUR mode for us to follow our first tournament, here are some tournaments you should follow are INDIAN WELLS, MIAMI, AUSTRALIA GRAND SLAM, MONTE CARLO, and, there are many more tournaments you must follow, but in this first game we can only follow the Indian Wells tournament first, and we should be able to win the tournament. If we win it we will get a fairly large prize money of 250,000.

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Immediately we enter the arena to start our first tennis match, here I use a pink woman in character, I will explain a little how to play it well and correctly if we want to hit the ball we just hit the screen above the player and to move the character we can press the screen to the left or right, if we want to hit the ball to the left of the opponent we have to press our screen towards the left so that we hit the ball will lead to the left, next every game is only given 3 sets to achieve victory and will continue to grow if we experience a series against our opponent, each set takes 50 points to win a set and each incoming ball counted 15, 30, 40 and 50.

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If you successfully beat your opponent 3 sets at once means you are declared to have defeated your opponent and completed the game and if you win the game you will be given some money because you have succeeded, the money you can use to buy all the equipment you use in compete later. How to make friends with this TENNIS 3D game, this Tennis-themed game is perfect for you Tennis sports lovers, especially this game can be played without internet connection or we call it offline game, this game is perfect for play by all ages. Equipped with a very good display of this game makes this game very interesting to play, And if you are interested to play this game too, you can download it in the application or Googleplay to download this game.

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