WR3D Mod 2K17 Apk Download

Have you been looking for Wresting Revolution 3D WR3D mod 2K17 apk download link? Well, the good news is that it is available here.

WR3D refers to Wrestling Revolution in 3D. Playing this game would give you an experience you have never had in wresting before.

Wrestling Revolution 3D- WR3D Mod 2k17 Apk download is over 30 million. That is a very huge number for a game.

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Most games we see on Google Playstore usually have about 10 million downloads. This shows the game is actually worth it.

Let’s get to know what the game is really about.

P.S: You should know that this game is a mod of the original version

Features of Wresting Resolution 3D WR3D Mod 2K17 Mod Apk

  • It comes with a career mode
  • In this career mode, you can call the “shots” backstage.
  • There is the feature to upgrade to the Pro version.
  • You are using the limited version. There are limitations and ads keep appearing whenever you play the game.
  • You can play the “god” feature. You can pitch immortals against themselves and create your own dream match.
  • You can put up to 20 wrestlers in one place and make them fight against each other.
  • There is also an interactive training process.
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How to Play WR3D WWE Mod 2k17 Apk

  • For movement, make use.of the directions controls.
  • T to Taunt or Pin / Refree Duties.
  • P to Pick-Up or Drop your opponent. Use direction for where to throw the opponent.
  • R to Run
  • G to grapple.
  • A to attack with direction to aim.

WR3D Mod 2k17 Apk Download

WR3D Mod 2k17 Apk download link is available here

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